Re: turmeric

I've been feeding turmeric to my horse for a while, 1 -2 TBSPS per day along with the other supps. When my horse was having some acute undiagnosed GI issues, a holistic vet gave me a formula to be used as an anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is such a good antioxidant without any toxicity that I know of, that I have kept on feeding. When there was a mild laminitic episode, I doubled the dose.
This is the formula that was given to me. 2 parts ground turmeric/1part ground ginger/ 2 parts lecithin power. I just bought a pound of each organic and mixed in the appropriate parts by volume. The lecithin cuts the herbs and smoothes out the taste. My horse hated it at first, but then gobbled it up. The turmeric is mild so that herb is no problem, but the ginger is strong. The dose for the mixture for my horse, who is about 1700 #s, is 3 TBSP 1-2 X per day. This formulas was specific for my horses issues, so I would urge you to consult with a holistic veterinarian before using. I'm writing this so that people might have an example on how the herbs are used. The vet I consulted with was Dr. Chris King,
Diana in Redding, CA

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