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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Candy, I had a lot of questions and frustrations regarding my IR horse's diet. Until I got the diet tight and followed the EC/IR protocol I battled on-going lameness and abscessing issues. I just had to trust that the recommendations worked regardless of any other input or past experiences.

On thing I found very helpful was to sign up for a couple of Dr. Kellon's courses.....NRC Plus and Equine Cushing/Insulin Ressitance. You can find descriptions for the courses at



SE WI/2007

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I only used 6 oz. Couldn't i put 3 oz. in them? Just wondering. Ellie is not a super sensitive horse and I am kkeping her sugars down with her food. I am wondering whats more important, getting her to eat the vit with a small amount of oats, or not eating them at all? any thoughts on this? THANKS CANDY 2010 Michigan

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