Re: flavor enhancers

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Candy, Just to clarify....are you feeding the below supplements in these amounts twice a day?

Is your Horse Tech formula in a flax base?


SE WI/2007

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Oh let's see if I can remember, Lisa has them now. She gets or suppose to get: this is one feeding so it would be double this if I fed once a day.

2 scoops (I can't remember the measurement size, but its about 2-3 oz) of her Horse Tech formula (balanced for her hay)
2 oz NutraFlax
4 grm AAGK
2000 IU Vit E
2 1/2 teas J Herb
Teas. Celtic Salt
she was on the Ginseng but really wouldn't eat that at night either.
Organic ACV (she's always gotten that)
1 scoop Horse Tech Probitics

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