Re: New Member with test results, what next?

Mandy Woods

Hi Kim,
The short version is Malachi is IR. That is managed by Diet and Exercise! His ACTH test while normal is slightly higher than 50%. At age 7 he ''should not be'' Cushings however it is a good idea to track his symptoms. Around the end of August you might want to retest his ACTH if he's not responding to Diet.

IF you post a link to his case history at ECH2 the gurus will be able to get to it faster. Dr. Kellon is a busy vet so hang in there ~ she will respond! Maybe someone can help you balance your hay in the meantime.

Make sure the DDT/E's are all working - good trim, etc.

Thank you so much for being a self starter and learning so much on your own! And there is a file on abbreviations so you life will get easier.

You may have to syring the Vitamin E in to make sure he gets it - or use a drop of EVOO (ah, come on people - thats on tv every day!) Kim, tell me you are NOT r/s/r the flax, magox,salt,vit E???

Keep us posted!
Mandy in VA
EC First Responder
OCT 2003

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