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Hello Mandy,

Thank you for your response. After doing the math, with my son's help, I
saw that he was definitely, but I do not know about the ACTH. I did not
think it looked to well after reading so many posts with others and their
concerns with the numbers. Is there a low, medium and high level of I.R?
Can a low level (?) I.R. horse return to eating some grass for short amounts
of time?

How do I post a history? Yes, balancing the hay. I got the 604 hay test on
two different types of hays, but alas I cannot decifer anything from all the
numbers. That is why I requested the consult with Dr. Kellon. But if
someone here can help, that would be wonderful. I could get a quicker start
on it all.

I will surely look for the file on abbreviations, thanks.

This may seem like a silly question, but how would one syringe the Vit. E?
I tried slicing open the little gel things and he would have nothing to do
with that and almost did not eat his other supplements in the beet pulp.
Please do share more about vit. E and how to get it in him.

Kim, tell me you are NOT r/s/r the flax, magox,salt,vit E???

Oh, dear, no not at all. I did read on the site about how it is not good to
soak the flax, cannot remember why, but the gist I got was that it was not
healthy. I run the flax through the blender, add salt, Mag.oxide, throw in
the E's and take it to the barn and only stir it into the BP after it has
been rinsed, soaked 30+ minutes, rinsed again, and squeezed out. I use a
piece of soft screen like for a window that I got at the hardware store in
town. I put the BP in and tie it shut with hay twine like a little rice bag
for a wedding. I put it in a bucket of water and shake it about to rinse,
then squeeze it out and then put it in another small bucket of clean water
to soak, then squeeze it out and then into another clean water bucket and
rinse again. A final squeezing and then empty the BP from the screen into
the feed dish and add the supplements. Is this okay?

Please let me know what to do with those hay test results and where to put
the case history and how to give the Vit. E's.<grins>. Please know that I
am not to computer literate, but will do my best.

The exercise that is spoken of, what type is good and how much is necessary?
He can lunge or free school and we do this a few times a week but I do not
push him if he is winded or stops. He has no foot tenderness, heat, or
signs of laminitis according to the farrier who comes every six weeks per my
request. He is barefoot. I can ride him but have not for the last three
weeks since bringing him in off pasture because of his lethargy and enlarged
neck/crest. Last evening I sat on him while we did some walking in the
arena. We were studying dressage prior but he would get lethargic. Now
with knowing how to help him feel better can we maybe ride more often?
Meaning is the exercise something that he will definitely need on a daily

One more quick ?, do I.R. horses shed abnormally? He is getting bald in
some spots, chest, bottom of ears, etc. He also has inner hock swellings
that the chiro says is abnormal. Do I.R. horses get this too?

Thank you ever so much, Mandy, for all of your help.

Kim Lee in NW PA

March 2010


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Hi Kim,
The short version is Malachi is IR. That is managed by Diet and Exercise!
His ACTH test while normal is slightly higher than 50%. At age 7 he ''should
not be'' Cushings however it is a good idea to track his symptoms. Around
the end of August you might want to retest his ACTH if he's not responding
to Diet.

IF you post a link to his case history at ECH2 the gurus will be able to get
to it faster. Dr. Kellon is a busy vet so hang in there ~ she will respond!
Maybe someone can help you balance your hay in the meantime.

Make sure the DDT/E's are all working - good trim, etc.

Thank you so much for being a self starter and learning so much on your own!
And there is a file on abbreviations so you life will get easier.

You may have to syring the Vitamin E in to make sure he gets it - or use a
drop of EVOO (ah, come on people - thats on tv every day!) Kim, tell me you
are NOT r/s/r the flax, magox,salt,vit E???

Keep us posted!
Mandy in VA
EC First Responder
OCT 2003

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