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Mandy Woods

Is there a low, medium and high level of I.R?Can a low level (?) I.R. horse return to eating some grass for short amounts
of time?

*******Actually ~ the IR calculator is scary to me! But yes, there are degrees of IR. Some horses are more severly IR than others. Some horses can go back to limited grazing if their work schedule keeps their bloodwork in the normal range. Check out some of the Success Stories in the Files.

How do I post a history?

***********You will need to join ECH2 and fill out a Case History on Malachi. This really helps the gurus. You can also add xrays and your hay results there. The list has grown so much that this is our 3rd storage place for Case Histories. Its another yahoo group - takes a minute to join....but the questionnaire is more thought provoking. There are several hay angles that help. So sit tight and one should appear!

Please do share more about vit. E and how to get it in him.

*************use a syringe. Stick the needle in the gel cap and withdraw the Vitamin E and oil. Do as many caps as you need to make 1000 iu's (twice a day) and then carefully removing the needle (!) squirt it in his mouth. IF you use a larger syringe - even 60 cc's you can add more mineral that he may find distasteful.

The exercise that is spoken of, what type is good and how much is necessary?
He can lunge or free school and we do this a few times a week but I do not
push him if he is winded or stops. He has no foot tenderness, heat, or
signs of laminitis according to the farrier who comes every six weeks per my
request. He is barefoot. I can ride him but have not for the last three
weeks since bringing him in off pasture because of his lethargy and enlarged
neck/crest. Last evening I sat on him while we did some walking in the
arena. We were studying dressage prior but he would get lethargic. Now
with knowing how to help him feel better can we maybe ride more often?
Meaning is the exercise something that he will definitely need on a daily
******************yes, exercise daily is good for both of you. Even handwalking is good. Walk your dressage tests but break them up so he doesnt memorize them. This way you both exercise, you learn your tests and he's clueless! Stop when he says he's had enough. Sweating, getting winded, being sluggish to move forward are things to watch for. IR horses should shed normally. Whats his deworming schedule like? A rough coat can be from parasites or poor diet too. Hock swelling is not a good sign. Many times a horse with smoldering laminitis rocks his weight back to his hocks because the front feet hurt. Could be that. Lami does not show up on xrays. Watch the white line and foot shape. Can you get some pictures of his body? Lateral shots and some of his feet. There is a file with instructions for hoof photos. This is detective work so hang in there and keep asking questions and posting.

We're getting some place!
Mandy in VA
EC First Responder
OCT 2003
ps: just for now ~ no pivoting or small circles.

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