ACTH Blood Test

Denise Piscitello

It's been awhile since I had a cushing horse/IR. I purchased an older mare 1 1/2 yrs ago to rescue her. I need to have her tested for cushing/IR, has long hair, barely shedding, drinks alot, urinates (floods) alot. puffy above and below her eyes. I want to have her tested ACTH, T3, T4, insulin, glucose, how much time does the vet have to get the blood back to the office to spin it down? She is about 45 minutes from me and I am concerned she won't spin it down soon enough and it will be a waste of money. Also presently, I feed her well solve low starch 1 1/2# 2X/day, 1 cup essential 12 2Xday, feed with beet pulp, quiessence 2 scoops 2X/day, omega horse shine 1/3 cup 2X/ Day, ration plus 6cc/1Xday, she gets grass hay and alfalfa hay, she gets turned out in a small area with very little grass. Thanks for your help.

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