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Hi Denise,

Welcome back to the group! I am sorry you are here once again, but we will help you to help this special girl.

To answer the ACTH question: blood needs to be separated within 4 hrs of the draw. Some vets who are out in the field all day have a centrifuge on the vet truck. Or maybe you could drive the chilled blood samples to the vet office immediately after the draw to be separated. I am sure other members may have other suggestions as well.

Our Files have been upgraded since you were here and you will find a section on blood testing protocol for ACTH, insulin, glucose and baseline thyroid.

So your first step is proper diagnosis. She may be IR and Cushing's or Cushing's not controlled which can drive the IR. Either way, the diagnostic labs are essential to proper diagnosis.

Diet: get her on the Emergency Temporary diet: today!
Here is the link to the Start Here file:

In a nutshell: until you have tested/balanced hay, she needs 1.5-2% of body weight in hay daily ( if 1,000lbs: 15-20 lbs hay daily). This needs to be soaked and drained. Soaking removes sugars. Get the emergency minerals and you can add these to rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp. No pasture- even "very little grass" can be the tipping point to drive IR as stressed grass is very high in sugars. We want to avoid laminitis !!!!

When you get a chance, go to and fill out a history. This gives us the big picture . Also add the link in your post so we have quick access to the history.

Trim: we recommend a balanced trim of low heel/short toe or trimmed to x-rays.

Exercise: as the horse is able. Don't confine her in a small space. Let her move as she is able.

We will help you get her on the road to recovery. Read the files and ask questions as they come up. Our website: is a helpful resource for information .

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