Re: ARGH! I absolutely HATE pergolide!!

Gail <windybond1@...>

Please could you tell me how much the dosage of chaste berry you gave, I am
giving my mare chasteberry, but thinking it maybe not enough, would prefer
this before peroglide. She is 15.2 hanoverian/thoroughbred, not too over

Gail and Peggy
Yorkshire Uk
April 2010

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From: haygirlc
Date: 20/04/2010 17:19:07
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Subject: [EquineCushings] Re: ARGH! I absolutely HATE pergolide!!

Have you tried chaste tree berry? I used it for 8+ years before introducing
Pergolide. Saw no side effects at all with CTB and it resolved the
un-shedding, patchy coat and other symptoms within the first year of use.

Auburn CA

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