Re: ARGH! I absolutely HATE pergolide!!

Heike Bean


My horse is about 1100 lbs. Over the high ACTH months I give him 4, which is
about Oc

tober through April, then I give him 3.

He has been on it now for 2 years and doing great on it. I even get the
weight off him, and being IR this is crucial.

Heike VT 2006

Heike Bean




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What are these supplements? I am having Ellie tested this week and if she is
Cushings, then I would perfer to use a supplement and not a drug if
possible. Thanks, candy
2010 michigan

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I also use the human pituitary supplement for my 2 cushings( 1 horse and 1
pony). They are doing very well. >
Morriston, Fl

I use a human pituitary supplement, and my horse is doing great with it.
He did not do well at all with Pergolide.


Vermont, 2006

Heike Bean

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