Re: Managing a Cushings horse

Saucier Kathy

Getting that hair off your mare will help a lot. It's a lot of hair to remove and I would suggest the clippers called Clipmaster. They have a wider blade and motor that can handle the multiple hours. Have lots of Kool Lube and bathe your horse so the hair is clean and the blades can cut easier.
In TX I had to clip my C's horse 5 times between April and October.
Also is she sweating properly? Anhydrosis can be deadly - if they aren't sweating - and need medication to help them sweat again.
Shade, fans, cool water hose sprayings, early early morning rides. Be sure the Pergolide dose is correct by doing the ACTH again after you have been on a dose for some number of weeks (experts can tell you). We were up to 4 mg before he was put down 2 years ago. And one tip on that, we were always behind the curve with dosage and keeping his ACTH down. Never got it to normal, always under dosing. So get the tests done and keep on top of that.
Kathy Saucier
N. Texas
January 2005

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