Re: Shredding own hay to save money?

judith z <zacharyfarms@...>

Does anyone have any experience with shredding your own hay to feed a horse with Teeth issues to save money and keep from having to buy so much OTDB (love them except the price!) or other complete feeds?
I was getting hay last night at a farm here and they were grinding feed for cattle and I thought about this thread. They were putting the really nice hay in their grinder and grinding it as added filler to the corn etc. that they feed their milk cows and baby cows. Perhaps you could take a few bales to the local feed store to grind for you??? I think I might see if he will grind some of my tested hay for me for my 28 year old Falabella mare with Cushings. Without the corn etc. She hates beet pulp. Would this be okay or cause some sort of digestion problem?
Judy Zachary
Knoxville TN Aug.2007

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