Re: Shredding own hay to save money?

Saucier Kathy

I've been off email for a week so just now catching up, sort of.
I hope the shredding works out for you with the hay.
If you end up needing to find beet pulp without molasses, I wanted to pass along some old info.
First I live north of Dallas and did some extensive searching for products awhile back. I joined in 2005 and in 2006 I went on the search for plain beet pulp with a lot of frustration. I would even call up the feedstores before I traveled to ask and then get there and find out they had never heard of it without molasses.
A fellow member from Temple put me onto a supplier and the info I found out is in our files under Texas.
Jupe Mills/Wendlands in Temple supplies beet pulp to areas north of Austin including our area.
Back in 2006 I learned that they supplied a feedstore called Green Acres in Seagoville. You would have to ask them to order it but they could even get just a single bag so it shouldn't be a problem. I have not had contact with that feedstore in years but you could call them at 972-557-0222. They and the supplier mill are in our file under Texas.
At least back in 2006 the person to talk to was Matt at the feedstore and Claudia at the Jupe Mill. If Green Acres can't help, call the mill and find out who they supply that is nearest to you.
By the way you are welcome to test hay shredding on my electric chipper/shredder but it has been used on the garden for years and not sure how sharp the blade is to give a good test.
Kathy Saucier
Carrollton, TX
Jan 2005

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