Re: Overdue update on Nanna the Icelandic

ferne fedeli

On 7/8/10, kimshu92026 <kimshu92026@...> wrote:
It's now 14 months post-founder and thanks to the Group and especially Dr.
Kellon, Linda, Susan and my barefoot trimmer, I am now riding my I/R
Icelandic mare on one and two hour flat trail rides and have been for the
past couple of months! > Kim and Nanna
May 2009
Southern California

I also have an Icelandic that had foundered. I boarded him near my
vet while I was on vacation and the vet reports that the latest xrays
show the coffin bone back to where it belongs on both feet and I will
pick her up next Monday. I used some products recommended by my
vet--Platinum Performance Metabolic Support and another one for the
feet, (forget the name right now), and regular Plat. Perf. and ThryoL
and tested low carb hay and with LMF Low Carb Stage 1 (for his
supplements mainly) and some good trims--he is doing very well. He
was diagnosed 4/26/2010. I hope I too will be riding him one of these
days soon...
Ferne Fedeli
No. California

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