Re: Shredding own hay to save money?


Is there any chance I could get some more information from your friend? I think we are going to try this as I HAVE to get the cost down on my old man.

Is it just the normal amount of hay fed put through the shredder? Can you do a bunch at a time and bag it?
Hi Kristin

My friend Sue got her chipper/shedder at harbor freight it's a 2 1/2 horse power. You can see it at the link below very I believe it's about 129 dollars and you can put a basket under it to catch the hay as it comes out of the chopper. It has wheels so it can be moved around very easily. It not real fast but gets the job done about 3 pounds a minute. She chops up a few days at a time then just weights the amount she needs for feeding. She does add water on top of chaff so the horses can eat it a little easyer.
She uses a hay feeder that stands higher off the ground for a feed station. But it doesnt have the top on it to hold hay. see link below it would be an exmple of one.
I hope that helps



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