Skip's new bloodwork

Laurie Ball

I just got a call from the vet with results of Skip's recent blood draw. (and boy am I glad to have found the IR calculator in the files!) When he was dx'd eight weeks ago, his G:I ratio was 3.04:1, RISQI .18... and as of last week, G:I = 6.13 and RISQI = .25. So YES!!! we have graduated to Compensated IR w/laminitis risk, instead of Uncompensated/Severe, and I am definitely feeling relieved about that! I don't think the vet is quite on the same page, though, as he's looking at the numbers falling in the Normal range, and calling it good. ACTH was 32, <ref range 9-35, though I don't know units - fax hasn't come through yet> and he's calling that normal too. But is it??? Part of me was actually hoping for something more glaringly Cushingoid, so there was more in the way of treatment available... he desperately wants to be a pasture horse again, instead of a dry turn-out boy. The vet spoke of possible protecting him with thyroid hormone, even though his T4 was normal - what are thoughts on that here? Somehow, I'm trusting the collective opinions here more these days... you are all such a valuable resource and sounding board!

With appreciation -
Laurie in OR
w/Skip, 34yo mostly QH gelding
June 2010

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