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Hi, Lisa
My name is Kristi.  I live in Cleveland, Tx and know exactly what you are going
through right now.  My 4 yr. old mare came down with laminitis in August 2008. 
I first thought it was just a case of heat stress laminitis and so did my vet
and farrier.  We placed her in heartbars shoes and several times tried Equipak
with the heartbars.  Long story short.  I too got to the point with the rotation
that I considered the tennotomy.  I took her in and my vet x-rayed before the
surgery.  He called and said that her alignment was improving and that the
surgery was not needed.  He did cut her toe way back and released lots of
infected material from the left's her worst.  That was in Sept.
2009.  About christmas time I decided that I would try light exercise and maybe
ride her some.  It was the best christmas present I gave myself.  Things went
along fine for 5 months until june 2010 and she had another episode with mild
rotation.  I'm still battling with sore feet, she's still on 1/2 gm bute twice a
day and the diet management program recommended by Dr. Kellon.  My point is do
not give up.  It is a long road, but with your vet, farrier and the diet changes
you will see improvment; slow as it is.  The key to helping resolve this is
managing the insulin surges.  From stress, pain, etc.  all play a role in
starting the roller coaster ride: one day it's good and you think it's over,
then slam you get hit with another setback.  I too am a vet tech and beat myself
up that I can't "fix" this.  Just know that you are doing what is best for your
horse and your efforts will pay off.


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I apologize in advance for removing Pookey's case history. I accidentally
deleted it while trying to delete my e-mail address, and will re-post ASAP, but
need advice now...

I am frustrated dealing with my 11-year-old QH gelding, who developed signs of
IR this winter and foundered badly June 6. Since discovering this group a few
days later, I have tightened up his diet to the following: 15 pounds/day soaked
coastal bermuda, 3 ounces flax seed, handful of beet pulp (no molasses), 2 TB
salt, Vit E, and a small amount of magnesium and chromium. Have not yet tested
my hay, but I soak 1 hr and rinse. No grass, and the only exercise he can
tolerate are careful 5-minute walks twice daily.

I have weaned him off all NSAIDs and GastroGard and am keeping him on deep
shavings, in rocker shoes (front only, back barefoot) and Soft Ride boots.

After two months on the diet, Pookey Bear has lost some weight, and his fatty
areas are reduced somewhat but still obvious (especially neck, over eyes,

My frustration is this: despite the management changes, he continues to rotate
and to sink, with changes evident on his weekly/bimonthly radiographs.

From a theoretical standpoint, does anyone have any idea why he might be doing
this, in relation to the IR and his diet/management?

I have been an RVT for many years and realize his inflammation could be due to
other unidentified factors, but I do NOT want to overlook anything in his
management that could be contributing to active inflammation.

Lisa, Texas - joined June 2010

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