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Wonderful success story. Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you happiness, wellness and success always,


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Subject: [EquineCushings] Success Story #9 - Jen, Teddy Bear and Hero

Dear ECIR Group Members

Jen, Teddy Bear and Hero of PA are our ninth success story, celebrated with photos, text and links to more data here:


It is the very first folder in the files section of the group home page and will also be on the ECIRhorse web site later today.


ECIR Group is rapidly approaching and amazing 9000 members with three discussion groups and four filing cabinets filled with some 1700 Case Histories. Each fall always brings new folks on board. Many struggle to negotiate the learning curve and changes in horse keeping.

Jen's story is particularly timely.

Robin Siskel founded EC with the goal of keeping information firmly based in
science. Thanks to so many dedicated members, EC has become the largest field
trial database for PPID and IR in the world.

More of the history of the group may be read here


We continue to compile and highlight as many member success stories as we can in order to celebrate the many achievements of this unique all-volunteer, member-driven group. Each story tells a tale of dedicated owners and their horses leading more healthful, productive lives. Each provides a point of departure for member discussion of PPID and IR as relates to diagnosis, nutrition, hoof form and exercise.

We continue to seek photos of horses who have been helped by the list to
compile a photographic essay to honor owners.

We wish to share your story.

Send your pictures and/or any questions about contributing a success story to

Nancy C in NH (EC Support Team and ECHoof Moderator)
on behalf of Robin, Dr Kellon, and the ECIR Group support Team

PS - I checked all the above links and they should work for you!

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