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Saucier Kathy

When we first got our diagnosis for EC, I tried the Chasteberry powder.
One source said 2 tsps/day & another source said it needed to be 2 ounces/day to be effective. That was 5 years ago so I can't remember details but seems like that was 1/2 a cup a day. A lot. We split it across the 2 meals and still couldn't get him to eat it. Very bitter. I tried various things to mask it and we had gotten up to a whole box of sugar free Jello each meal to mask it enough for him to eat. A sprinkling did nothing. At that price, it was cheaper to go with Pergolide, especially after I found the good sources recommended on this group (Thriving Pets & another pharmacy). I made that switch, he responded better, ate it without a problem, etc. No battles with the capsules of Pergolide.
Kathy S.
Jan 2005

Chaste Tree Berry
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HI........... I've been reading about chaste tree berry for cushing horses. Tried it but he won't eat it( and this horse eats anything). I read that the chaste tree berry can be helpful...who has tried it and how did you feed it?
Thanks, Mary

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