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When a realigning trim is possible, as it is with Rafiq, anything substituted for that is destructive IMO.
Hello Shannon,

I believe Rafiq is being trimmed this week? As a reminder, below I've copied and pasted Linda A's comments after the last trim.

In the last year, Rafiq has grown a new hoof. It should be a fairly decent serviceable hoof. Instead he has little to no well connected hoof wall. There's no reason for that.

If you do the right thing now, in less than a year Rafiq will have a pretty decent hoof. If you continue the current path, he'll be right where he is now or worse. Your choice.

You're the only one who can get this done for Rafiq. It's time for you to buck up and take action to get the right thing done for Rafiq. No words, no reasons why not- just do it.

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I've put some markups of Rafiq's latest x-rays in two folder in the Rafiq files:


I really don't understand what the farrier is trying to do. He has lowered the heels some, and even put a bevel in the toe/wedge area, that is rather close to the toe target. Toe target is the yellow line, determined by the growth under the coronet band and parallel to the CB.

Then he set a shoe where the breakover of the shoe is way in front of the bevel, negating any good in relieving breakover that bevel could have done. The top orange line is where the farrier has made the bevel. The breakover of the shoe (bottom orange line) is putting the breakover Rafiq is dealing with, right back out on that extremely long toe. Breakover needs to be under the CB.

The shoe seems to be too big...there is extension of the shoe out past the heel...I would bet it's almost acting as a trailer. Then Rafiq has the double breakover - the physiologic breakover of the CB, and then the breakover of the long toe/shoe.

The trim, whether bare or shod needs to support the inner structures of the feet, allowing for a tight hug of the wall around the CB, and where deficient, making corrections to allow the hoof to grow in as *normal* a manner as is possible. That means derotating the CB, and putting breakover where is should be in relation to the CB.

It can certainly happen, but not until the mechanics of the foot make the hoof capsule (walls/frog/heels/sole/bars) and the coffin bone a single unit. Rafiq has bones, and he has hoof capsule...neither really complementing each other.

Pix definitely need to be posted. He has sunk, and until he gets the support he needs from his walls in correct alignment with the bones, it is doubtful that will resolve.

There appears to be some radiolucencies around the tip of the CB. Might be abscess tracts or collections forming...even if not, be prepared for abscesses as this foot has a lot of damage to clean up, and ill form to overcome.

If this is the way your team feels Rafiq needs to be rehabbed, then I would seriously seek out other advise/skill in your area. This is not going to be easy, and as long as he stays with the status quo, he will be the same in a year as he has been in the past year.

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