Re: Now, Kingi update was Dazzle's new test results

Joan and Dazzle

Hey Jenni,

Great to hear from you. How's Kingi doing?

For those of you who are new, or haven't followed along, Kingi is this beautiful, majestic horse in New Zealand. Jenni has just had obstacle after obstacle to get him the right care. New Zealand doesn't have the wealth of testing laboratories that we do, nor the protocols in place.

But Jenni has determination and tenacity. The last I heard, Kingi was doing well on his pergolide and was a different horse. Instead of worrying about if he could walk, Jenni was worrying about if he'd break his leg screaming around the paddock in his Soft Ride boots.

I do hope that he's doing well. You've done a great job of getting the job done when it seemed impossible!

Give us an update when you get the chance.

Joan and Dazzle

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That is sensational Joan! Very, very happy for you.

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