Trying to taper Charlie off Bute


two days ago, decided I would try to begin taper off Bute with the taper schedule suggested on this site. So he got 2g bute day one in the morning, then was going to wait 36 hrs to give next dose, but the next morning he was in so much pain that he was staggering when he'd try to just move a foot, and was rocked back onto his hinds like I hadn't seen since his worst times in the beginning.!!! I want him to heal! I got the J-herb and would like to get him started on it, but if he's in such terrible pain after a 36 hour gap in his Bute, I'm not sure he'll survive the taper. So I caved, and put him back on 1g am and pm, and he's getting comfortable again. I know bute inhibits healing, but what about quality of life? I could sure use some advice from Dr.K or moderators on this....should I make the bute taper even more gradual than suggested?

To review: We have his diet right on, balanced..and soak all his hay. He gets flax added, gtf chromium, msm. We don't force him to's his choice during the day. He wears softride boots w/pads during the day...and off at night.

He's being trimmed every 3 weeks, and three weeks ago was re-xrayed after trim, and vet was thrilled that his rotation had decreased quite significantly to 4Left, 7 right. He's been trimmed again since then, but not xrayed again.

Please...somebody advise me on this....

Leanne & Charlie
Camano Island, WA
June 2010

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