Hoping for some Balance Babe guidance :-)

Laurie Ball

Hi All ~ I wrote about a week ago, saying that I'd entered Skip's hay analysis numbers into the spreadsheet (I'm the odd duck who was all overjoyed by how cool the spreadsheet is - pasted part of that msg to the end of this one), and that I was hoping for some guidance in figuring out what I need to be adding to his diet. Do I need to make a formal request somewhere? It would sure help to know what form to get these various minerals in (like the bag of mag ox for the magnesium), and how to figure how many grams etc are supplied by what amounts we supplement with. Is this info in the Files somewhere, and I've just overlooked it? I'm comfortable enough with tweaking things afterwards, as I learned how to balance my dogs' diets to NRC - but it's that startup information that I can't seem to find.

Since I last wrote, I've ordered the pergolide and APF ... everything's falling into place [knocking on wood here!]

Thank you!
Laurie in OR
w/Skip, 34yo mostly QH gelding
June 2010

<So I added the vit/min supplement to Skip's spreadsheet, and found that it made negligible differences. It makes sense to me to just look at the sheet with only the hay and beet pulp on it, and balance it up from there. I'm already feeding the 2000 IU Vit E, 3 T iodized salt, and 3-4 oz ground flax seed per day. I haven't added the mag ox yet, since the Smart Control IR gives 4400mg/day - but I have a bag of mag ox ready for when the IR runs out. My questions: Is it common for minerals to be that crazy unbalanced, especially the Manganese? What supplements do I look for to supply these various minerals? Will the iodized salt supply the right amounts of both sodium and iodine? >

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