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Hummm...FWIW, we only see "foxtails" in our second or third cuttings of hay, not in first. We're in southeast PA.

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Hi Susan,
Thanks for your response. I intended to have it tested but I did some more research today and found the below informantion. This was about issues in hay in California and I am in Maryland.
Plants that Cause Mechanical Injury

Numerous species of grasses produce barbed seed heads (commonly call foxtails) that penetrate and can become imbedded in skin and mucus membranes. Ulceration and infection, and abscess can result. Ulcerations in the oral cavity may cause pain with eating and weight loss. Wild barley, wild oats, and yellow bristle grass are examples of barbed grasses that may be found in pasture or first cutting hay

Louise in MD
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