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How much are you giving him? I give my 22YO Morgan gelding a slightly heaped tsp. twice a day...he snarfs it right up in his Hi Fat Hi Fibre, beet pulp and flax. He's picky, usually, but never even hesitated with it.

Are you grinding it up? I know someone who tried it on their pony, but fed it unground and the pony refused it. Just use a coffee grinder until it's mostly ground up.

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My 29 yr old pony/arab/quarter horse was diagnosed w/cushings in 1998!
He is on ciprohepdadine and thyro-L, joint supplements and hoof supplements. I've been reading about chaste tree berry for cushing horses. Tried it but he won't eat it( and this horse eats anything). I read that the chaste tree berry can be helpful...who has tried it and how did you feed it?
Thanks, Mary


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