Re: Ferrous sulfate in a low carb complete feed

Nancy C

Hi Betsy

Couple of things --

Horse feeds are not required to list things in order of amounts used, like in human foods.

If he's utilizing/fermenting hay, he should be able to do the same with BP without issues.

Per Dr k in message 57552

"Beet pulp is more easily and
completely digested than hay."

About the feed

At 8 percent, the fat is higher than the list likes to see. Better to be below 5 percent. Fat worsens IR.

Soybean hulls are okay but I'd not be thrilled about the soybean meal.

These other archived messages may help


For carb overloading symptoms (Is there a diagnosis?) I'd be looking at a complete diet review.

Where are you located? Can she get Ontario Dehy Timothy balance cubes? But most importantly, what is the rest of the horse keeping picture? That is what could be driving the issues you now see. Can we look at this through the DDT+E lens?

Nancy C in NH
February 2003

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