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Mandy Woods

Hi Mary,
Welcome to the group. Have you been a member very long?
How was your pony/Arab/QH diagnosed for Cushings? If you have a copy of his labs please tell us what they were! We'd like to know which test, which lab and what the results were in units and lab normal ranges that your vet used to tell you he was Cushings. Are you having any problems with him now?

The list philosophy is DDT/E. This means:
DIAGNOSIS by bloodwork. For a PPID (Cushings) dx we recommend the eACTH test. For an Insulin Resistance dx we recommend Insulin and Glucose from the same draw with the horse/pony fed only hay. A thyroid panel is a good idea as it will give you a baseline. If your boy is PPID, we recommend the medication pergolide which is the gold standard for treatment. Its actually more economical and safer than CTB. It does require a script from your vet. IR is managed by Diet.

DIET is low sugar/starch/fat. We aim for less that 10% sugar/starch/fat a day. IF you hay is untested you should soak it for one hour then drain it. IF you're having lameness issues, stiffness, reluctance to move, heat/pulses in the feet we recommend you pull him off his pasture, feed only soaked/drained hay and the minerals to the TEMPORARY Emergency Diet. The recipe is in the "Start Here" file. You can get everything at Walmart.

Trim is a balanced foot, toes back and heels lowered.
Exercise ONLY if he's willing and able.

Please tell us more about your boy so we can get the big picture. IF you'd join the ECH3 group - and fill out the medical questionnaire, it would help us help you faster. Here's the link...

Please read the files, ask questions and we'll help. When you sign your emails, please include your name, state and date of joining like I did. This really helps us!
Mandy in VA
EC First Responder
OCT 2003

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