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Thanks for your answer. Frizzer is still on the 1/4 of the Previcox once a day. He still is in a lot of pain. I do watch him and he's still turning around real slow, still doing halting steps. We have walked him out of the stall into the barn and you can tell he want's to go right back in to his high shavings. I don't feel he's ready yet for the hand walking. He kind of tells me to leave him alone right now and just wait.
I know it's important for him to get started back to walking soon. As we all know when we don't feel well and are trying to get back on your feet you have to take the effort to get going or you just don't get better.
However I feel it needs not to be rushed at this critical time, I just don't think he's ready .Maybe I baby him too much, he is getting more spoiled everyday.
I have emailed the Farrier and waiting on an answer, she will be back here on the 13th of September.
April 2010

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She is right that movement is important, for both ends of the horse. But it's a catch -22 to know how much and when to move them. If you have any concerns once you start a small walking program, call your trimmer and discuss it with her. You both need to be on the same page.

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February 2003

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He has a round pen set up outside of his stall so he can walk but not run with her.

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