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Hi Joan

That's so kind of you to ask about Kingi. He is doing really, really well still and has just turned 21. Yes he is still belting around the paddocks and doing hand stands and airs above the ground :-) Thanks to your advice on how and when to up the Pergolide, without having any possibility of testing Kingi's ACTH down here in NZ, he managed to get through this last Autumn relatively unscathed! Phew and huge sigh of relief from me. Spring is just around the corner and Kingi is already shedding his long coat - his beautiful fine thoroughbred face has just reappeared this week from under all the fuzz :-) Although his winter coat was still longer than a "normal" it is not nearly so bad since going on the Pergolide a year ago and is very shiny and silky with my best, although rather hit and miss, efforts at balancing his minerals to his mainly pasture diet. I can hear gasps all round - Joan kindly translated his insulin/glucose tests done in 2008 as non IR.

Kingston raced until he was nearly 9 and won over a million dollars. He is such a gorgeous boy and it gives me much pleasure to see him enjoying the retirement that he so deserves.

Without this group and especially you Joan, I am not sure Kingston would still be alive. You are all remarkable people and do a fantastic job.

Best wishes and thanks,
New Zealand
June 2008

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Hey Jenni,

Great to hear from you. How's Kingi doing?

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That is sensational Joan! Very, very happy for you.

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