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I bought the Ground Chaste Tree Berry from Frontier Herbs on line. Its a fine
powder and tastes awful. He won't eat it and thus isn't eating his other meds
mixed with it...I tried the berries ground in the coffee grinder but he still
refuses it and NOW, I cleaned out his food bin and am just giving him his
regular meds and supplements and he's refusing those! So I got some apple
syrup, but the barn manager is balking at having to take the time to mix that
into the packets I have...any ideas out there?

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I am giving a 13hd 22 yr old pony mare about a dsp twice a day i put it in her
speedybeet and poor over the hot water..she has not trouble eating it as for
effectivness this winter her coat is not as long and feels much softer..i will
see once the season begins to warm if her coat begins to shed she did last year
.. it was longer and courser, but i used a stripping comb and eventually
clipperd her to complete the job ...I do not rug my horses
I am pleased with the results of the chaste berry but wonder if the amount could
be altered for even better results any thoughts ?

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How much are you giving him? I give my 22YO Morgan gelding a slightly heaped
tsp. twice a day...he snarfs it right up in his Hi Fat Hi Fibre, beet pulp and
flax. He's picky, usually, but never even hesitated with it.

Are you grinding it up? I know someone who tried it on their pony, but fed it
unground and the pony refused it. Just use a coffee grinder until it's mostly
ground up.

Nova Scotia
June 2010

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My 29 yr old pony/arab/quarter horse was diagnosed w/cushings in 1998!
He is on ciprohepdadine and thyro-L, joint supplements and hoof supplements.
I've been reading about chaste tree berry for cushing horses. Tried it but he
won't eat it( and this horse eats anything). I read that the chaste tree berry
can be helpful...who has tried it and how did you feed it?

Thanks, Mary


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