Re: Swollen glands/face as a result of cushings?

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Hi Rosie

My 21 y/o thoroughbred who has Cushings, prior to going onto Pergolide, swelled up in the faceand under the jaw both autumns prior to this one. He reminded me of a human who has been on prednisone for some time and looked like he felt really dreadful which I am sure he did. From front on he looked like a chipmunk! Going into this past autumn (we're in the Southern Hemisphere) - after being on Pergolide for 6 months his face swelled ever so slightly but once I'd upped his dosage it came down back to normal.

This would suggest to me that perhaps your Pergolide dosage is a bit low. I am unable to test Kingis's ACTH levels via blood tests so have to go purely on the way he looks and acts. The recommendations from the wonderful people in this group on incrementing his dosage certainly seemed to work a treat. Kingi was on 1 mg to start with then we gradually worked up to 1.75 mg and now, heading into our Spring he is back on 1 mg (a gradual taper back down) and seems to be feeling fabulously well.

Best of luck
New Zealand
June 2008

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Hi everyone I'm new to this group, I have a 22 year old welshXTB pony called Star who has just started Pergolide for Cushings.

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