nutritional value of hay


Below is the link to my most recent testing of hay. I know this hay is safe for my horse and have balanced my minerals to it. This hay is being used by 6 other "healthy" horses at our barn. A recent debate has started over the nutritional value of this hay. Can you please tell me how to determine this by looking at my testing results. Also, what can you tell about a hay just be looking and smelling it? This hay looked good to everyone.....until someone brought in a few bales hay from another source! Now their wheels are turning about switching sources based on the appearance of this new hay (brighter green, finer grass and "smells so good". They think our current hay does not have nutritional value, based on its appearance (in comparison of course) I will not put it anywhere near my mare and cannot afford to test for every batch they bring in.
I just want to be knowledgable in my conversations and have solid information about my hay before even attempting conversation about it.

Thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge so we may better handle the health of our horses and always do what is best for them.
Jean and Lady
CT 2005

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