Re: nutritional value of hay


So as a general rule, does it goes back to the DE number? Is there a range we want that number to be in in general?

Jean and Lady
CT 2005

For practice, let's say she is an average keeper and weighs 950 lbs. She would need 17.5 pounds of this hay to meet average DE (calorie)requirements. That's 1.84% of her body weight/day which is between the usual target of 1.5-2%. That 17.5 lbs of hay meets her needs for protein, calcium and magnesium. It's a bit short on lysine and phosphorus. I've yet to see a hay that doesn't need trace minerals supplemented. This one is no exception, but the amounts needed are reasonable because this hay is not rediculously high in iron or manganese. I'd say this hay has quite a bit of nutritional value.

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