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That is an interesting question. I found this in a google search on the foundation thoroughbreds so Cushings was around back in the 1700's! Maybe there is a genetic pre-dispositon to Cushings just as there is for IR? It would be interesting to know if it is predominantly t/breds from the Delpini/Byerley Turk line that succumb to Cushings.

Delpini (first Hackwood)
SIRE: Highflyer - Highflyer - Herod - Tartar - (Old) Partner - Jigg - BYERLEY TURK. Byerley Turk Sire Line
DAM: Grey Countess by Blank - Grey Rib by Rib - Wynn's Arabian mare by Wynn Arabian - Grey 1781. Bred by the Duke of Bolton, he ran undefeated in eight successive races, including a Great Subscription Purse at York in 1786, and a second one the following day; he subsequently lost two races and then broke down. .... He apparently suffered from Cushing's Syndrome; during his last three years "he never shed his coat and became like the woolly child of Caravan lore."

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is being done on racehorses? I've noticed alot of TB stallions especially seem to be succumbing to laminitis.

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