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Kimberley Skiba <ruffle@...>

I have just joined the list. I have a 26 year old Arabian gelding with
cushings. We have been together 22 years and have been managing the disease
since late 1996. I have experimented with the pergolide off and on and so
far 1 - .25mg dose every 24 hours seems to suit him. He has never foundered,
and he is very affected by the changes of season. 4 times a year I can
expect and bit of a turn for the worst, it only lasts about a month and then
he is back to what is "normal" for him.
Today an equine dentist visited our farm and I had the gelding looked at. He
has one molar far in the back that is very long, I guess it has been missed
a few times. Well, in order for him to work on this tooth a sedative is
necessary, as in the old fellas' golden years he can't manage even the
slightest stress. The dentist wants to make it as easy on the horse as
possible but he, like myself, is very concerned about the sedation. My
question to the list is, has any one had experience with a similar
situation? Not so much as the dental work, but with other activities that
require sedation. I will be contacting two of my vets tomorrow to arrange a
consult or whatever necessary prior to the dentistry. My biggest concern
with this gelding is, since the Cushings he tends to react differently to
certain supplements, feeds etc, and as long as he's been with me he has
never had a drop of sedative; so the thought of this at this point in his
life really scares me.
I thank you all so much for reading my LONG post and I really appreciate any
information anyone can offer.
Thank you again,
Kim Skiba

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