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A recent post from Dr Kellon addressed the sweating issue. I wanted to add that my Cushings horse, prior to going onto Pergolide, had terrible problems regulating his temperature and would sweat just standing in the paddock - I just assumed it was because of his excessive coat and was clipping him every 6 weeks year round. Since he has been on Pergolide he has regained his "internal thermostat" even though he is still pretty much a hairy yak and I only have to clip him twice a year now, once at the start of winter and once at the start of summer. We are having an unusually hot humid summer here in Auckland yet Kingi is coping exceptionally well - before the Pergolide and even clipped I was having to hose the poor fellow several times a day in this type of weather. If your horse is already on Pergolide, perhaps the dose isn't quite high enough?

Jenni & Kingi
New Zealand
June 2008

There isn't a way to keep a horse from sweating. Some Cushings guys do have trouble in the temperature department but is not the normal for Cushings. >
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