new to the group


Hello everyone,
I am new to the group. I just learned that my almost 22 year old Arabian has Cushings. Her info is in the file section under Millionairess. Her only symptom is a long, slightly wavy hair coat this winter. The low dose dex suppression test confirmed my vet's diagnosis. We are waiting for our pergolide prescription to get started.

To complicate the issue, Mill is completely pacemaker dependent and will need a replacement in a few months. That involves an 8 hour drive to Ohio State University for the procedure, hospitalization for a few days, and the return trip.

In reference to some other postings-
Mill is an American bred Arabian from Polish/Russian lines (Ben Bask x Nikiska)
We are also located in TN-Sumner county

I am looking forward to any assistance that may be offered.

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