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Hi Ya
My 24 year old gelding has just been diagnosed as EC and IR he also has arthritis and damage to suspensory ligament in off hind (from an accident a few years ago). He is currently having weekly injections of Cartrophen (10mls) for the arthritis and I gave him his first 1mg dose of peroglide three days ago without knowing about the side affects. Within 30 mins his eyes were heavy and dopey, like he was asleep and dioreah follwed the next day. I came home and found this website and learned of the peroglide veil! I havent given him any more as iv been trying to track down Canadian Ginseng, its impossible to get in the UK so i have ordered it on-line from Canada, I thought I would wait for it to come before giving him the peroglide again and start him on it gradually over the 10 days, is this the right thing to do? Also how much ginseng should I give him and does this have to be introduced slowly too? I would also like to put him on the emergency diet but he gets dioreah with sugar beet any other suggestions and how long should he be on the emergency diet? and should the suggested minerals, herbs etc in the diet be introduced slowly?

Sorry for waffling on and I will probably have loads more questions soon. My vet is on holiday and I have found the EC IR website invaluable.

Thankyou so much

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