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Fun, isn't it? :)
Looking at the analyses, can you get the Timothy? At least the average is under 3% sugar and 1-2% starch. That gives you more leeway even if the sugars are on the higher side. Also, how much are you able to store at a time? You'd need to do an analysis on each batch to balance the minerals to and the larger the batch, the easier that is. Could you somehow store 3 months worth somewhere?

no, its really not!! tbh i'm really feelin at the end of my tether, i managed to get in the emergency diet recomendations, that cost me £70+ without hte magox, and some of that stuff won't even last my 2 girls the month. ive amiled horsehage to find out how much their stuff would cost me, i've worked out that adlib haylege, i get in 4 x 250 bales a month for 3 x 400kg ponies, so at 2% body weight they are eating 270kgs "extra" haylege a month, so i am trying to work out making the "correct" amount last them so they have forage to eat 24/7, my IR has confirmed gastric ulcers so i'm not happy with them not having forgage to eat all the time, and i can only feed am/pm.

my ton of haylege costs me £150, and i cant afford much more than that for forage especially wiht this custom suppliment costing hte earth. so, it is impossible for me to buy in more than a months at a time, and also that negates (as far as i can see at the moment) analysing the hay. (( the horsehage bales are £7.00+ each, and would prob only last a day.- which is already £210 ))

i am spending all my free time trying to source cheaper feeds, and more realistically priced minerals. i'm not a bad owner, and i do the best i can for my girls. my cushings pony had been bred till she dried up then left in a field wiht teeth so bad she could not eat at all. so maybe i cnat afford to give her 5* treatment, but if i hadnt taken her she'd be dead by now.
*sorry, im jsut frustrated all i can see are dead ends!!!!!!*

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