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Mandy Woods

Hi Jennifer,
I looked at Mill's Case History. There is a lot you can do to help her!
Even though you've tested for Cushings, she could very well be Insulin
Resistant too. The next time your vet is out I would sure consider
getting her Insulina and Glucose tested on a NON fasting draw. After 4 weeks
on pergolide full dose, ask your vet to pull blood for an eACTH test to make sure your
dose is adequate.

To help support her Cushings diagnosis, you should get her diet balanced.
This is the DDT/E's that you read about. You have a partial Diagnosis, now
you need to move to Diet, Trim and Exercise.

The Diet is low sugar/starch/fat. Have you tested your hay to find out
exactly what you are feeding her? Go to and read
how to core hay, get the Trainer#603/$49. This will give you the
sugar/starch/minerals needed to balance her Diet. In the meantime you
should soak her hay for one hour in cold water. This is the Temporary
Emergency Diet. The recipe is in the Start Here file. Yes, she should get
2000 iu's of natural Vitamin E in a human gelcap. E needs oil to be
absorbed. Check out Walmart for all the Temp ER minerals. You can get them
there. She does not need added Vitamin C. Magnesium/oxide can be
purchased at your feed store - 50# for less than $10. That should last you
years! Get the loose Iodized table salt. Remove the mineral block you have
because it has iron and molasses in it. NO grain! NO Pasture. No apple lump treats. The Omega
HorseShine (flax) is ok
for now. I would swap out the 5.5 pounds of Purina Senior feed (22%) for
something with lower sugar/starch. Triple Crown Sr is 15% s/s.
Rinsed/soaked/rinsed beet pulp is less than 5%. You can feed up to 30% her
total diet in BP - if you can get her to eat that much! Always weigh feed
dry and introduce new feed slowly. 20 pounds of dry hay then soaked would be good!

Trim is a balanced foot, toes backed and heels lowered.
Exercise of handwalking is great.

Jennifer, I know you did not mention any lameness issues but Arabians are the #ONE Breed
for IR! Many Cushings horses become IR> We want you to be proactive and tighten Mill's
diet now before laminitis starts! AVOID LAMINITIS! at all cost!

Read the label on the joint supplement for sugars.
How many times a year do you deworm Mill and what drugs do you use? A parasite overload can
cause a change in coat. An unbalanced mineral deficient diet can too.

Please go back and review the Start Here file. There is alot of information there for you to soak in.
Keep a journal on Mill, photograph her - lateral - and post it in her CH file. Send photos of her feet

Ask questions and we'll help.
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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Hi everyone,
Here is our link for Millionairess
not to sure why it is not underlined but hope it works

Mill is finally at 0.5mg of Pergolide after tapering on since Jan 14th.
Her appetite has lessened lately. She is not wanting to finish her Equine
Senior and sometimes her hay. She gets Bermuda and Orchard grass. It seems
like what she eats one day she will ignore the next. She has already
started shedding. She has no signs of IR so how concerned do I need to be
about revamping her diet? Will using APF really help? Should I be
supplementing Vitamins C & E for antioxidant protection? How much is

Jennifer in TN
Jan 2011



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