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I am posting this for a friend of mine, and the barn manger where Peanut lives.

She's in the, "I can't do this, I can't do that" mode. I told her she CAN and HAS to make changes. She at LEAST called me, but I told her I would pass this on to the gurus and see if someone else can get through to her. She's very, very old school, as you will see from her story. Bonjour has been on grass right up until this recent bout. He is stall-bound, she freaks out when he lies down, but then tranqulizes him so he'll lie down, then has him on bute to make him stand up. (ARGH!!!!) Naturally, I told her to stop the bute, banamine and LET him lie down. She's ordering cubes tomorrow (at least she heard that!) I did get her to switch from liquid pergolide to caps last year - finally.

ACTH went to Antech. I told her to ACTH, insulin & Glucose at Cornell this week. She is very resisnat to change, but has at least reached out because she sees her horse suffering. Also told her to pull those shoes, that she just spent a small fortune hammering on those poor, sore feet.
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He started about 4 weeks ago slightly foot sore after a warm day then the next
day frozen ground.
He didnt get better just keep getting worse. My vet xrayed him soles are close to ground long toes and his right front may have 2 degrees rotation. He was already on cimeditine trying to help with his melanomas. He eats triple crown
safe starch dengie and he was on purina senior but i switched him to purina low starch very small handful with his pergolide. He was getting 1 mg pergolide. In july 2010 his ACTH 63.6 we increased perg to 1.25mg.

Did new ACTH 98.8 increased perg to 1.75mg. Took more xrays no change. He is on cimeditine, ixsosuprine, 750lb banamine 2x aday and 1 gram bute 2x a day. Was on 900lb banamine just lowered it. He got his feet trimed and heart bar shoes. Walking slightly better with new shoes. He hasnever been able to go
without shoes.

He is 1989 arabian gelding. I just ordered the soft ride boots. I hgave owned him for 16yrs and never seem him lay down. He lays down every night now. The digtal pulses were real strong in beginning now much less.

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