Re: advice


Hi Mandy,
Thanks for the suggestions and here is the next round of questions.
Are there any benefits to feeding grape seed extract or ginseng?
What is magnesium for and how much do I feed?
Do the vitamin E capsules have oil in them or does that have to be added when feeding?
Any ideas on soaking hay in below freezing temps? Do I really need to if there are no signs of IR?
Mill has been underweight since fall. She has no signs of laminitis and is barefoot and trimmed every 8 weeks. Fecal egg counts are performed year round and she was dewormed in Dec. after a run of freezing weather with Zimectrin Gold. I have APF on order and will start that soon. My hay supplier tests his crop and I am waiting on the results. I hope it will tell us what we need to know.

Jennifer in TN with Millionairess
Jan 2011

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