Re: Introduction & a question

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Kim, I can only speak as an owner and from my own experience, but my
Cushingoid 22 yr. old gelding has done fine with sedation. There hasn't been any
apparent difference in his reaction to it pre- and post Cushing's diagnosis. My
vets are careful with the dosage as my horse has a 2nd degree heart block, but
there's never been a problem. I can sure understand your apprehensions and it's
very good that you're consulting your vets.

By the way, my gelding had a couple of lower teeth which had grown much too
long several years ago. The vet used a Dremel power tool to file down the teeth
and there has been no further problem or excessive growth other than the normal
wear and tear in an aged horse. Before the tooth was shortened my horse was
uncomfortable, so it was a necessary procedure.

It's a lucky thing that your gelding has no laminitis or abscesses. My guy is
perhaps losing the battle with Cushing's as he having his third bout with
lameness and things aren't looking very hopeful. Our older horses are very
special and we hate to see them in pain.

I hope you get a good solution to your situation and can feel OK with whatever
you decide. Kay in AK

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