temp of feet


When I was at the barn 2 nites ago a little voice told me to check the temp of Lady's feet. She had just come in from standing in the snow, so I expected them both to be pretty cold. The closer to the coronary band was warmer than near the ground (which was pretty cold). I try to routinely feel her feet, but I am ashamed to say that w/ the cold snowy wheather we are having in the NE, our trips to the barn are cut short.
My questions is: Is it normal to have various degrees of temp in the foot? She seemed to be walking fine, but it is so hard to tell w/ the footing outside the way it is, snow and ice everywhere. What is the best course of action, usually I just wait and see, but my little voice says something might be going on. I am just not sure what direction to go. She is on a tight IR diet. No changes that I am aware of. Thank you
Jean and Lady
CT 2005

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