Re: temp of feet


Here are my findings: Left front foot hot. Pulses positive :(. Heat works up into the leg up to about the knee. She has been in her stall all day :(. Vet came for a visit and pulled the shoe and padding. Hoof testers positive in the inside back of her foot.
Is it typical for heat to travel up the leg if it is an abcess?
She (vet) suggested soaking, but since she does not soak well, she suggested putting her out in a small area of snow tomorow for a short time to help w/ the inflamation and keep the foot soft. Opinions on that plan of action.
I will definately get the animalintex pads ASAP. They sound like the perfect solution. I have a davis boot as well.
So let me get this right, even if it seems the abcess is heading for the coronary band I can do a shallow soak (in the davis boot) and actually encourage it to come back down and out through the sole??

Jean and Lady
CT 2005

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