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I got the hay analysis added to Mill's file. I do not think it tells what we need to know as far as sugar and starch. When I looked up all the meanings, one uses ash in the calculation but I could not find it on the report. Can you make anything out of it?

Mill is getting 0.5mg of Pergolide in an oil suspension (1mg/5ml). I know that is not the ideal formulation. What do you know about tablets?
Jennifer in TN
Jan 2011

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Hey Jennifer,
In the beginning we ask all new members to start their horses on the
Temporary Emergency Diet until they can get their hay analyzed and minerals
balanced. I'm not sure that you have a hay analysis posted in the Mills'
CH file. What this diet does is quickly and safely removes sugar/starchand
gives your mare a basic safe diet until you get your hay tested. You have
been feeding her a very unbalanced diet thinking you were doing her well!
She will need the best diet for Cushings and if she's IR (she's an Arab!) it
is imperative she be on a tight diet! Vitamin E is in the Temp ER Diet -
2000 iu's a day.E is an excellent antioxident. Ginseng should be given
for a reason. You dont want to start throwing the kitchen sink at her
thinking one or two of the minerals will help. Lets see her hay analysis.
Did the hayman have one? How much pergolide are you giving her and what
form is it? Liquid?

We know you are anxious to help Mill ~ so are we. We have to see some
numbers so we know how to advise.

Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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