Is Matty IR? Questions about sample treatment.

para 2 (a)(i)
I e-mailed the article written by Dr K in the files "DDT Diagnosis" - to my vet prior to speaking to them about how I needed the blood sample taking for IR.
I just spoke to my vet and he explained why they were saying he should be fasted - he is governed by the recommendations of how the lab wants the horse to be treated before the blood is drawn. We came to a compromise after reading their literature, that sample could be taken first thing in the morning when he had been fed soaked hay overnight (I make sure he has plenty of soaked hay to last till morning) but not given a feed that morning. He quoted from the above article on the labs web site - I have noted the relevant para above.
Then we discussed how the sample will be treated once drawn. I thought it had to be processed as quickly as possible in preparation for shipment to the lab - but my vet said it is not that important for the IR test, only for the ACTH test. Is he right? Am I going to risk wasting my time and money again if he treats the sample incorrectly?
Chris/Matty UK 07/09

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***Because you told me he was not fasted. If they were taken fasting, they are completely useless for the purpose of diagnosing IR.***
I wasn't telling fibs, he was *not* fasted for the previous tests. I don't know why the vet is instisting on fasting now...

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