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My friend Deb has the horse she suspects may have O.cervicalis adults along the nuchal ligament. He also has a bulbous sheath with swollen lymphatics on each side- with some diffuse edema each side of the belly. Not sure if the Closantel works- but it looks like it's not avaiable anymore in the USA anyway for horses... I brought it up, only because it was a safe wormer and sometimes when wormers haven't been used in a long while- bringing them back will solve a resistance problem to current drugs.

Deb's horse: When wormed 1 week appart with Ivermectin 3 times : edema was worse after the 1st time, then improved after the other 2. He is a little itchy now ( still wintry here)but not as bad but his sheat is still plenty big, with swellings on each side in front of it.

We are both down troddened thinking the adults live for 5 years once they migrate to the neck, and there's nothing that kills them.

It isn't very satisfying to think that for this for to happen the horse is probably immune suppressed ( for some reason ) either.

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New research suggests closantel drug may be useful in combating ...
Feb 8, 2010 ... Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have
discovered a potential new use for the drug closantel, currently

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