Re: Is Matty IR? Questions about sample treatment.

Nancy C


Feeding soaked hay is okay. That's what we want to see. How is he responding on low sugar and starch hay.

You need to be careful with all blood but in this instance, especially the glucose. If it is not spun and frozen with in the correct time frame, the glucose will continue to deteriorate, giving you an incorrect reading. Many vets in teh US re now taking glucose right int eh barn for that reason.

I notice you've not sent your vet the group web site link. That might prove helpful


It is all lined out there under the DIAGNOSIS page, including the research to support the group protocol.

Nancy C in NH
February 2003

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We came to a compromise after reading their literature, that sample could be taken first thing in the morning when he had been fed soaked hay overnight

Then we discussed how the sample will be treated once drawn. I thought it had to be processed as quickly as possible in preparation for shipment to the lab - but my vet said it is not that important for the IR test, only for the ACTH test. Is he right? Am I going to risk wasting my time and money again if he treats the sample incorrectly?

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