Diet change need help with balancing please

Pamela Bramell

Butters has gained a little bit of weight, which she needed, but I don't want her to gain anymore. She has a very thin layer of fat over the ribs that were showing before. Here is her current diet if one of the balancing gurus could please help with what to cut back on and what to change on vitamins/minerals I would appreciate it. Looking to have her maintain where she is now. Thanks!
Hay - free choice low s/s
1# Blue Seal Carb Guard
3 gms Magnesium
160 mg Copper
360 mg Zinc
2 Tblspn Iodized Salt
1500 IU Vit E
2 Oz ground flax
1 tsp Jherb
These are divided up into 2 feedings, just took her off 3 feedings last week.
Hay Analysis posted.
Pam & Buttercup
King George,Va

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